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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

New member of the team

Have not long added another 50mm lens to my collection. Did I NEED another fifity? No, course not.
So what does this one bring to the party? F1:1.4 that's what.. And, to top it all, its a Canon. What the chuff!

I am weak and could not resist the lure of a fast fifty. I have fifties that convey various flavours of Bokeh and others of contrast and sharpness. But this one brings that extra something in terms of low lightness.

It's an imposing beast on the M9 compared to the other 50s. But looks right.

For reasons I cannot quite explain, other than just pure luck, this particular sample seems to match the focusing of the M9 extremely well. I have heard of people sending lenses/cameras off for calibration, but this just seems to be so well matched. Mildly puzzling/frustrating that it matches better than some of my Leica lenses. Go figure.

Anyway, here's a few shots from a recent outing, Think shot at either 2.8 or 4.

 Shot of the day for me.
 Not bad for a manual focus camera on the fly.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

All sorts

Bit of a mixed bag today. Some, shot from the hip, some not. No big wordy thoughts on the todays subjects just pics from the chip. As always no fiddling just straight off the chip.

In no particular order.

Open all hours?

 Baskets, the lot of 'em
 Have bag, will travel. One from the hip..
 Music on the go.
 Lucky 7
 Object of desire.
 Smallest washing line?
 From the hip 2.
 Just nice.
 Man in the mirror
 Anyone would think it's December and just above freezing. Oh hang on..........
 Nice light
 Industrial strength door handle.

Saturday, 24 December 2016


Hello to all that may pass this way via the Path Less Travelled.

Such as life is, and the random juxtapositions it throws up from time to time. Today this little gem presented itself.

Despite prefering to use proper cameras. This was taken on a phone. Oh the shame, but is it?
Might have been Bailey. (or not) That said, the best camera in the world, is the one in your hand.

Merry Christmas all.



Sunday, 4 December 2016

2 9 50

Not posted much lately, been enjoying the 2 too much.

However, today through up an opportunity for a mix of driving the 2, and taking pics with the M9 with a 50 elmar-m bolted to the front. Also presented with a great chance to compare shots with and with out a polariser..

Not the simplest thing to do, But still do-able.
Know you pola. By how many stops do you need to compensate? Mine is worth two stops.

I normally hold up the pola and rotate in mid air to see the effect. I then make a mental note of the writing on the back so I can hold it in that position for the shot.

I then compose and set the exposure. set it normal then open by two stops.
Whilst framing the shot I then simply place the pola in front of the lens. Sorted.
Obviously exposure is done manually.

Without pola
 With pola

And a mix of shots slightly varying the exposue. 1/2 stop at a time. Just rotating the shutter speed dial between shots.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Vintage and more vintage.

Bit of a vintage all round day today. Optied for the 1936 Leica Summar 5cm lens today. Rather overcast so no real issues with flare.Dropped the rag top and had a drive through the Langtons to Market Harbour.

Popped in one of my favorite shops. Amy's Vintage You never really know what you might find or the colourful charaters you may meet. If you find yourself in Market Harbour, call in. Great little shop.

Seemed quite fitting that I should have a vintage lens mounted whilst in a vintage shop. Some kind of planatary alignment thing going on.

To illustrate I squeezed off a couple of random shots to show Amy the Bokeh of this little lens.

I think you would have to agree, the images have a 'vintage look' about them.

Straight off the chip no adjustments as per usual.

 In cam B+W

Saturday, 16 April 2016

MR2 - Leica M9 - Summitar - Bokeh

Bit of a random collection of thoughts and observations in no particular order.

I have been using the Leica Elmar-m 50mm F2.8 ever since I bought it. Very happy with it indeed. Light, quick to focus, sharp and all the rest of if it. Like it so much I had considered reducing the number of 50mm lenses I have as only really need one. So before I said good bye I thought I would give an airing to the Summitar.

Took it out in the daylight today and shot some random stuff whilst joy riding in the 2.
Operating in fully manual mode and set white balance via a whibal card.

Maybe it is the fact this lens was made in 1949, but it really has a delightful warming effect on the colours in a vintage kind of way. Some would say it has a marmite Bokeh. Me, I like it. In fact I bought it for the Bokeh when I stumbled across it on the net.

Took some pics to try and illustrate the bokeh that can be rendered with this lens. But the surprise was the colours once viewed on a monitor. Maybe not to everyone's taste, maybe technically flawed by today's standard. Yet, it cannot be denied the lens gives a look that would be hard to duplicate in the modern world, photoshoppery or otherwise.

Usual rules of engagement straight off the chip no fiddling. Just as is.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Holy Grail

Happy new year. (only 4 months late)

Cannot believe it it is April 2016 and I last posted Dec 2015. I will have a word with myself..

However, come that mix of interests, cars and photography, I was happily, merrily going about my business when I stumbled upon the Holly grail of lightweight automotive porn. In one of my favorite photo locations. A planetary alignment of sorts. Dropped the anchors and reversed up.

Couldn't pass this buy. Jumped out and struck up a conversation with the owner. Turns out, first time he had brought it out since purchasing it.

I appreciate not every bodies cup of tea, but in my book, this is sex on wheels.

So what was it? I'm glad you asked. Could only be one thing really. Clue in the description, lightweight.

But, before we get to the pics, I have become an almost one lens photographer. I have shot primerily with the Leica 50mm 2.8 Elmar-m f2.8. Unsung hero of the Leica line up.However, I decided to change lens and strapped on the 50mm Summitar. Its bokeh is not really demonstrated in these shots but no matter. The shots were grabbbed abd the pixels burnt. As ever no fiddling about just straight off he chip warts n all.

So, with out further a due, I give you the Ariel Atom.

And my pretender inthe background.