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Saturday 15 January 2022

Old School meets older school

 For a change, decided to go old school today. Fired up the Leica M9 complete with corrosion ridden sensor. It was a low contrast day with lots of mist and fog everywhere. So Chose to go with the even older school Leica 5cm Summar.

Nice to get back to basics. Manual everything. Slowed down and just enjoyed the moment.

Old school digital cam. Leica M9


 Even older school Leica Lens. Leica Summar 5cm



Not bad for a 1936 lens
Low contrast day. Low contrast lens.

Wednesday 12 January 2022

The chairs of Stamford

 Somewhat behind in posting these up. But here we are. Out and about in the lovely town of Stamford, armed with my then (and still) very new Ricoh GR iiix. This is really a nice piece of kit. Yes it is the same as the 28mm in all other areas, but the 40mm perspective is really resonating with me.

I am only shooting in RAW these days and converting to jpeg in post. 

For a long time my process was no processing. Am I really processing now? Perhaps yes and no.

What is displayed is what was captured by the chip. The information is there in the file.  So cropping in if needed or mildly lifting the shadows. Is that processing?

Then again, I have converted some to black and white, so that makes them processed. Right?             Does it matter? It is the final image.

Anyway a few pics from Stamford walk about.

It's a sign.


Or original?
Blue chair
Blue chair 2
Keep clear, maybe not.
Door wreath
Purple chair
What you looking at?
Yellow chair.

Tuesday 11 January 2022

not my usual stuff

 Took these a month ago so forget the settings. Using the Ricoh GR iiix. Either right down the close focus end or macro. As ever I was just piddling aboutwith no thought to the end game or if I would do anything the shots. Used too slow a shutter on reflection. Hand held. Bit of motion blur. Bit of missed focus as breathing. So minor movement in and out. So no pin sharp shots. But hey.

Sunday 9 January 2022

Pic n mix

 Out with the Ricoh GR iiix again. Have to say really liking the 40mm perspective. Bit of filter work, bit of close up, but not macro. Depth of field play.

Nice view






Car park

Bit of Grad filter

Friday 31 December 2021

Full Circle

 I ended the year as I began. a purist.

Ye old colour version

 The black and white version 1

Saturday 18 December 2021

Bits n Bobs

In this little post we have a pics from a vintage shop, a walk home and some atmospheric conditions. all shot on the Ricoh Gr iiix

I was going to convert the raw files on the laptop, but the battery had died, so unusually I moved the files on to the phone and converted the raw files in snapspeed and then moved them to the cloud and finally here.

Only a few in this post, but here we go.

The fire exit sign tells us we are inside. Complete with growing foliage. Not your average fire door.

I try to take a cam with me whereever I go. On the way back from hunter gathering (shopping) I was presented with this scene.

Very misty and foggy today, but no less, out n about. De saturated in snapspeed for the black n white look. A minor tweak here and there. For the hell of it, this was also shot with the Nisi Graduated ND filter for Ricoh GR iiix
Shot at the same time the tree. Very atmospheric low contrast, slightly more processed tan normal. Dropped the saturation in snapspeed. A tweak here and there. Quite like that.

Saturday 11 December 2021

Kitchen Life

 We have moved from the street, which I seem to be spending less and less time on, to the kitchen.

Impromptu, studio set up. 2 Place matts, a pair of Dr Marten cherry red - Ox blood shoes, a cheap ring light mounted on a Bendow tripod and the GR iiix used in both normal and macro.

 No OCD here.