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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Roller Derby Leicester 13/09/2014

Due to a series of serendipitous and charitable actions, I found myself at a Roller Derby match between Roller Derby Leicester and Sheffield Steel Roller Girls. Another first.

As a Roller Derby virgin. I soon realised I had only brought one set of eyes when clearly two sets are required to keep up with everything that is going on.

Just about fathomed the principle of the game. Who does what, what they are called and so on.
Then again.

Another observation. Never seen so many Refs.(zebras) in a game  Seemed more refs than skaters.
Then there are the non skating officials. Or the pinks to me.
Regardless of the rules and scoring as a sports enthusiast I had a very enjoyable time.
I could list a few "sports" I would knock off the Olympic list and replace with this.
Tactics, speed, skill, interplay, strength it's all there.

My thanks to Anna and Ester.

P.S. Very good selection of cakes for half time, what more could you wish for.

Anyway, from a photography point of view, I will put this down a series of happy accidents. Technically, focus is generally off and exposure less than ideal. I could put these things down to deliberate use of  slow shutter creative clap trap. The truth is, the lens was way too slow. Upped the ISO to 800 but still not fast enough. Really should have brought the fast glass. Never mind.

No. Scratch that. Never mind the laws and technicals of photography, an image stands or falls as an image, based on itself alone.

Does the image work as it is yes or no?
Does it convey a message or an emotion?
Does it involve or connect the viewer?

Enough rambling. Here are todays poorly exposed, out of focus, camera shaken, non adjusted or cropped images. (as usual straight off the chip no fiddling about).
A few more images here. Roller Derby Leicester 13/09/20014

SSRG discuss tactics.
(Or cakes Or who has the loudest tights.)

Getting Busy

Picking up the pace
 Although it was one of the opposing team. In terms of actual image, I rather like this one. There is clearly speed and motion conveyed in a still image. But it is the stillness on the front skate that sets the image off.
Up close and personal

 Down and dirty

Peace, Love and Hugs.
Again as a first timer to Roller Derby. This was a lovely thing to see and be involved in.


  1. Hi! Kree here (door staff) so glad you enjoyed yourself! As a fellow photographer I can tell you although difficult it is certainly doable to get some nice hmshots. I use a Canon DSLR with a 55km lens when shooting derby. Usually on a 2.2f / 400 iso settings g depending on the sports hall. Some photographers set up flashes but it's not something I have ever done. Anyway, enough rambling from me!

  2. Hello Kree. I take it you were in the hat by the door.
    Thank you for the comments.
    I did not expect to be able to stand so close to the action so I went more for a zoom lens. The trade off being a slow lens. Previously shot more running events. Usually a lot more light to play with and subjects generally moving in one direction at a constant speed. Not so here.
    If the opportunity presents itself again. I would come armed with some faster glass and use manual focus preset to a point o the track and let the action come to me rather than trying to track it.
    Have found even with modern auto focus on a rapidly closing subject it still struggles. Not a big fan of flash and also feel it would be unfair to the skaters. Having said that, the illumination is some halls would leave you with little choice.
    Have not used my dslr for some time. May need to dust it off. Have some nice fast glass for that.
    Have gone the way of the rangefinder and compact. As you will know if you look at some past posts.
    Thanks again and heres to having another crack at it in the future.

  3. Hi Jason,

    Thank you for the lovely words and photos from the game. Could I ask a couple of favours:

    Firstly would you be happy for RDL to link your blog from our Facebook page? We think it's a great point of view from both a new audience member to roller derby and also for photographers new to the sport.

    Secondly, would we be able to use one of your photos for inclusion with our game report to be submitted to the Leicester Mercury?

    With thanks,

    Holly, RDL

  4. Hello Holly
    Thank you to.
    Yes and Yes.
    Do you pick up the RDL e-mail from your contacts page/section?
    Thinking general enquirers or press addresses.
    I would be happy to E you the image you have in mind.
    I still have Anna's phone number. I will txt her my E address and ask to pass on to you.