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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

New member of the team

Have not long added another 50mm lens to my collection. Did I NEED another fifity? No, course not.
So what does this one bring to the party? F1:1.4 that's what.. And, to top it all, its a Canon. What the chuff!

I am weak and could not resist the lure of a fast fifty. I have fifties that convey various flavours of Bokeh and others of contrast and sharpness. But this one brings that extra something in terms of low lightness.

It's an imposing beast on the M9 compared to the other 50s. But looks right.

For reasons I cannot quite explain, other than just pure luck, this particular sample seems to match the focusing of the M9 extremely well. I have heard of people sending lenses/cameras off for calibration, but this just seems to be so well matched. Mildly puzzling/frustrating that it matches better than some of my Leica lenses. Go figure.

Anyway, here's a few shots from a recent outing, Think shot at either 2.8 or 4.

 Shot of the day for me.
 Not bad for a manual focus camera on the fly.

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